Borrowers especially appreciate the opportunity to qualify for loans without a credit report. And while customers used to be required to visit local loan stores to apply for a loan, now everything can be accomplished online. Applying online has made it very easy to get quick cash for any purpose, anytime.


Because retail loan companies are usually headquartered in one state, but may be licensed to make loans in several states, you have a tremendous selection of lenders to choose from. You are not limited to lenders in your area, having many to options. Each lender reveals on its website the states in which it is licensed to do business. So, take the time to check for your state before you begin to fill out any forms.

After choosing a loan company and getting started with your loan application, try to complete it before noon to have your best chance to get loan approval the same day. Don’t forget that you may be dealing with different time zones when you’re applying for payday loans online. And, in case you can’t tell where a particular lender is located, try looking for the About Us or Contact Us pages to determine their location. Or try looking at the bottom of the home page for the physical address. Knowing the physical location of a lender can affect the timing of your loan submission and also your loan approval, so that’s why it’s crucial to know the time zone in which your online lender is operating. All of your transaction will be based on the lender’s location, not yours.

Obtaining payday loans online is much faster and easier than it used to be when you had to locate a fax machine in order to fax back signed loan documents.

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These days, cash advance payday loan lenders can be found in various retail stores, but also they can be found online now as well. Their customers find that it’s so easy to apply online from home that they might not even have to go into retail stores to borrow money at all, which includes signing documents.

Some payday loan companies offering loan applications online also accept the borrower’s scanned signature, but others prefer customers to come into their retail location for signing. Each one of the many payday loan lenders online has slightly different rules, so be sure you read the website carefully, or give them a call on the phone. Retail chain stores are easy to find in metropolitan areas and now there are countless websites online.

Remember, these payday loan cash advance loans work in a different way than regular bank or credit union loans. The main thing that differentiates payday loan lenders from other lenders is something most customers truly appreciate, and that’s the fact that no credit report is required.


Customers love this feature because it’s much easier to qualify and it’s also much faster to get through the application process, too. If your time is limited and you really have to get some cash right away to meet your emergency needs and responsibilities, payday loan lenders can truly come to the rescue.

Payday loan lenders usually also provide other financial services such as check cashing, online payday loans, auto title loans, bill pay services and prepaid debit cards. These days payday loan lenders offer many more services than the specialty loans that provided the industry with its name.

Since there is never an application fee to apply for payday loans, simply get online or visit a store and apply at no cost. When you’re approved, you will see a statement listing the costs of your loan, assuming you go ahead and borrow the money.

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You can be sure you will know exactly how much will be due on the date of your next paycheck. Most payday loans are due on the same date you receive your next paycheck. Basically, in the loan documentation you are pre-authorizing a debit to be made from your checking account, an automatic withdrawal scheduled the same day your next paycheck will be deposited into your account.

This system serves as security for cash payday loans lenders, and it’s the reason no credit check or collateral is required. Your next paycheck is the security. Payday loan lenders know the date of your next paycheck, and by setting up a debit in advance they also know they will be repaid. This is how the payday loan business operates, so you need to understand it, too.