A chorus of payday loan customers would answer that question this way, “cash advances,” because that is their fastest way to get the fast cash for unplanned emergencies. Most of us generally exhaust all other possibilities for getting loans from friends and family before making a trip to a local payday loan lender or checking out payday loan lenders online. Although most of us want to keep our financial emergencies to ourselves, sometimes it doesn’t work out too well and we have to ask friends and family members to help us out.

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The many people who are likely to mention cash advances as their first and best solution to deal with unplanned emergencies will also tell you that you need to be prepared to repay the short term loans when due. When anybody experiences the frustration of needing a short term loan between paydays because they can’t make their budget cover their emergency needs, that’s the time to seriously consider how the loan will be repaid. It’s important to think about it before borrowing. Short term loans that will be due on the date of your next paycheck are called cash advances and they are available in person and online.

Now you can see why it’s really important to have a thorough understanding about how cash advances work. Don’t get them confused with installment loans, like bank loans and credit card advances. Single pay loans are entirely different. Your entire loan, plus the interest and fees associated with your loan will all be repaid by an automatic debit from your bank account. These loans can help out in times of unplanned emergencies, but you have to budget for repayment and staying on track thereafter.


Isn’t it fascinating how emergencies seem to crop up at the worst possible time? Many people experience the frustration of needing cash advances between paydays because they can’t make their budget stretch to cover their emergency needs.

No matter what is going on, there is always a time and a place for borrowing money from different sources such as faxless payday loans lenders. Whether it’s from banks, credit card companies or payday lenders, different quick loans have different loan terms, depending on the particular lender requirements. A bank won’t be the quickest place to get a loan these days; many banking practices have become more stringent as a result of the economic crisis. It’s tougher to qualify, which means a customer may be turned down when he needs money the most.

If you’ve had the experience of waiting to see a faxless payday loans officer, sitting through a credit check and answering other questions, but a phone call never came with your answer, you know how frustrating it can be. I’ve noticed it takes loan officers ‘way too long to return phone calls, and usually I have to call and leave a message. I know that people are really busy these days, but when a loan officer is too busy to respond to you, that’s simply not right.

You should always compare the various payday loans before applying. Obtaining quick loans from your credit cards could be a lot faster than getting a bank loan. And normally, cash loans on credit cards can be accomplished by using a check that came along with your monthly credit card statement, or alternatively, by using the credit card itself. Merely using your card to obtain a cash advance is too easy in many cases, and doing that too often may make your monthly payments painfully high.

Now let’s consider the option of getting quick loans from faxless payday loans lenders. These businesses make quick and easy payday loans everyday because it’s their main business. Just how do they keep the process so quick and easy? Well, customers fill out a short application form in person at a retail location or on a website online, and that form asks for identification information and banking information. In addition, each applicant needs to provide a recent pay stub from his or her reqular job. Some pay day cash advance lenders may have different requirements, but this list represents their basic requirements.

And the banking information is necessary to deposit loan money following loan approval, and collect loan repayment on the customer’s next payday. Quick loans are also called payday loans because the entire faxless pay day loan amount plus interest and fees is scheduled to be withdrawn from the customer’s bank account on the date of his or her next paycheck.