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The nature of the short term loan business is such that many people seem to forget that they were recently very eager to get some quick cash, and that there is a price to pay for doing so. Basically, the interest rates are very high. People expect high rates when they apply for payday loans and auto title loans, but somehow they seem to forget the terms and conditions of their loan by the time comes to repay it. They may actually resent having to repay their loan in one single payment, even though they signed an agreement to do so.

Obtaining these loans is a very quick and easy process, and repayment is designed to be quick and easy as well. An automatic debit is set up for the date of the borrower’s next pay check, making it very easy to remember. But, because the agreement is to pay back the full amount of the loan, including all interest and fees charged on the loan, sometimes fast cash lenders take some heat right around the date a repayment is due. Fortunately, there is an alternative arrangement for borrowers who are still strapped and unable to make the entire payment on time. Loan extensions can be arranged with the payment of interest and fees only.

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In reality, quick payday loans or auto title loans are intended for unexpected emergencies. They are accessible to customers whose credit rating may or may not be excellent. While banks and credit unions may turn down these same people, they are welcome at cash advance lenders who never require a credit check or use of collateral such as a house, a car, a motorcycle or a boat. It only takes a few minutes to apply, whether you visit websites online or local loan stores. You’ll find both options to be fast and easy.

The reason that some members of the public criticize fast cash lenders is their high interest rates and fees. Although no one is being forced to apply for a fast cash loan, the fact is that some customers get themselves into trouble by not budgeting or planning ahead at the time they received their loan money. Naturally, how the money is spent and how repayment is budgeted is all subject to each individual’s personal financial judgment.

Fast cash lenders are in business to loan money to borrowers whose credit rating is not good. Sometimes the public is critical of the lenders and the customers both.

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All doors to financial transactions seem to close, despite the nature of the particular situation that caused a poor credit score in the first place. Lenders are not required by law to be compassionate, and it is not usually in their own best interest to relax their banking and lending requirements for anyone. State auditors oversee all loan transactions, making it virtually impossible for banks to make exceptions for specific customers. And the same is true of no fax cash advance, unfortunately. Credit scores are a big part of the requirements for loans obtained over the internet.

However, there is one type of loan that is available online to customers who do not qualify with the use of a credit report. These loans are called payday loans, instant loans or cash advance loans, and they are not based on a credit score. They are based on the fact that the customer has a regular job with a regular, periodic paycheck. The customer’s paycheck serves as security for the loan, because the entire loan is due on the date of his or her next payday. Fortunately, payday loans can also be online loans now, and that is the surprising news, the good news for many borrowers of no fax cash loan advances in this economy.